Friday, September 2, 2016

Goodbye York

Photo courtesy of Lauren Siegert/Flickr
In the great big state, there was a lovely old town
With a statue of a strongman, spinning around.

And a beautiful park with giant stuffed bears
And a carousel at the crowded York Fair.

And parades of full of green things
And shiny, candy-coated cars.

And a Christmas forest to amble through
Where lights twinkle like stars.

And a market house, near a smelly soap shop,
Where you’ll always find lots of bubbles to pop.

And a cozy house with a purple door,
Near friendly neighbors
And squirrels in costumes galore.

And a farm full of silly critters
And a school full of friends.
 And a library full of stories.
We wished would never end.

Goodbye town.
Goodbye strongman, spinning around.
Goodbye stuffed bears.
And goodbye York Fair.

Goodbye parades. Goodbye cars.
Goodbye to the Christmas lights twinkling like stars.

Goodbye market house and the smelly soap shop.
Goodbye all the bubbles, we love to pop.

Goodbye cozy house and goodbye purple door.
Goodbye friendly neighbors
goodbye costumed squirrels.

Goodbye farm.
Goodbye friends.

A new story begins, where another ends.

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