Thursday, February 26, 2015

Frosty the Snow Squirrel

Yesterday, the weather was downright balmy in the upper 30s, so I did something I hadn't done in months: took a walk around the neighborhood. 

The girls ate a lot of questionable snow. The dog barked at buses, joggers and a spunky looking shih tzu. I warned the girls about the perils of yellow snow and yelled at the dog. Frequently.

It was like old times.

But NEW old times, because when I strolled by the squirrel lady's house I was thrilled to discover this:


There's even a carrot nose!
And a Frosty sweater!

And, as if new outfits on my favorite stone rodents weren't enough as I completed my old route, what did I discover? More old friends!
Parkly deer. One down.
The Christmas decorations are still out in force at my festive neighbor's. In addition to the deer, there are elves and glittery presents and Santas. It's like a scene out of "Elf." If "Elf" were set at the end of February. During Lent.

Oh quirky neighbors. How I've missed. thee.

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