Thursday, March 13, 2014

Goodbye winter: A story in pictures

It's been a long winter.

The kind that Laura Ingalls Wilder writes about in "Little House in the Prairie" with bitter winds, finger-numbing cold and mountains of snow (albeit without the luxuries of a central heating system or access to stimulating diversions like the grocery store and DirecTV).

Couped up inside our cozy rancher, I found myself deploying increasingly strange ways to occupy the girls.

Dressing up the pets …

Delaney was not amused.
Playing "Everybody in Dad's Pants!"* …

Note to self: The demobilizing quality of two kids in one pair
of pants might make them useful for timeouts in the future.

And finally, venturing into the Pennsylvania tundra for a little extreme swinging ...

Jovie was nearly asleep in this picture.
Squirrel sightings were rare (the streets in our neighborhood have not been very wagon friendly the past few months.) But when I did spot them, I noted that they, too were rarely without their layers:

Get them some mittens! Those poor stony paws!

Apparently, they did make it to Sochi … even medaling: 

Looks like he got a silver in nut hoarding.**
But they've recently packed up their super-heavy winter wear, preparing to celebrate their Irish heritage:

Where's the Guinness?!

We've finally been able to play outside without the requisite half hour spent layering and bundling. 

Although, we were hit with a touch of Seasonal Confusion Disorder: 

The girls alternated between playing in the sandbox, romping in this leaf pile
and scaling the remaining pile of snow in our yard.
The plants, at least aren't confused. They seem to know that despite a dip in temperatures today, that they'll be the victors in the battle against winter. 

Suck it snow!

And though there's still another week until the equinox, my heart already feels lighter.

* Ahem. Get your minds out of the gutter.
** See above.

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