Monday, January 20, 2014

A song for Snacks and other winter silliness

Today, a random roundup of amusing things. 

First up, a little scene from my house this afternoon. After reading Snacks "The Berenstain Bears' Bedtime Battle," Lily decided that he needed to be tucked in. Then she told me she was going to sing to him. So I grabbed my phone and started recording*. 

For those who are unable to decipher my daughter's angelic singing, her selection was "Lullaby" by Billy Joel (or, as it's called in our house, "Doo Doo Doo" give or take a few "Doos." 

In reviewing the clip, there are several things I feel you should be amazed at. For one, there's Lily's near-perfect rendering of her dad's impression of Billy Joel. Then there's her astounding multitasking abilities: Observe how she can sing her own made-up lullaby, reposition the blanket and attempt to steal a book from her sister all at the same time. And how awesome is that duet-with-your-sister fake out in order to try to steal the book a second time! Simply stunning. And you'll no doubt be impressed by my 21-month-old's ability to not only read, but also read upside down, a talent the envy of elementary school teachers and librarians world wide. And finally, the truly wondrous feat. It actually works! Look at how he's soothed into a blissful sleep. The kind of sleep I'd dream about if only I weren't woken up several times each night for potty breaks or to return a dazed-looking bed-headed toddler to her bed when she decides for some unknown reason that she needs to come to our room each night at 2 a.m. 


Then my 13-year-old nephew posted this video the other day, which I was super impressed with. I'm not quite sure what a Zombocalpyse is -- maybe its the name the Weather Channel is giving some new atmospheric phenomena that involves the undead -- but I love me some Lego stop-motion animation featuring cool sound affects, The Hulk and what appears to be a PSA from OSHA on the dangers of standing too close to construction equipment. Based on this clip alone, I'm pretty sure Finn should be hired to help create the inevitable sequel to "The Lego Movie."

And finally, since we haven't seen these guys in a while, here are our favorite squirrels -- all ready for Janus.

Big scarves are so hot right now.
No pun intended.
Alright, it was intended. 
* Note to my many copy-editing friends -- I realized I spelled "Lullaby" wrong in the title frame after posting the video to my site. And because it took hours to edit, finalize, export and upload I'm not going to fix it. So just pretend the "e" isn't there. Life goes on.

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