Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Live! From a parking lot (plus lost mittens)

So far, Saturn's looking like a nonevent in our neck of the woods.

Brad set up a parking lot cam at the York Daily Record to live stream the snow. Apparently there are parking lot shenanigans planned throughout the day if live video of snow falling outside of an office building won't keep you glued to your screen. Watch here:

The Beetle meets the digital age.
He also outfitted the Beetle with a dashboard camera to capture his morning commute. Who knows what perils he encountered on the way to work? (My guess is limited perils because it only took him the usual 15 minutes to get to work -- I know this because I watched his car pull into the parking lot on the snowcam -- he waved on his way in the door. This is strangely addictive.)

Actually, Brad just informed me via Twitter that we will not be seeing anything from the dashboard cam. Sigh. It could've been great: 

In related news, the squirrels are ready for some sloppy snow skiing.

I even put a bow on my skis!
I got this photo yesterday during the longest walk ever. 

I bundled up the girls and loaded them into the wagon and set out on our usual route only to discover during the last leg of the journey that Jovie was missing a mitten. So I had to backtrack. A lot. 

The sun was getting low. Jovie was starting to fuss. Lily reminded me over and over at increasing volumes about how hungry she was. "Mama, I'm very hungry!" she cried. "Mama! Mommy! Mommy! I'm hungry"

We eventually located the mitten -- abandoned in the middle of the street almost at the beginning of the walk. (Apparently Jovie's left hand got too hot early on).

We made it home and Lily promptly locked herself in her room while hanging up her coat. There was more crying and me fumbling with the little thingermajigger that unlocks old bedroom doors for, like 15 minutes. "Get me outta here!" Lily cried.

I slid some fruit snacks under the door for nourishment. Jovie helped by holding the flashlight (then chewing on the flashlight).

I was about to call my neighbor for help when I did some weird lock twisty move and the door opened.

The in-house livestream would've been eventful yesterday.

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  1. Ben had a playdate last weekend, during which one of the kids who came over locked himself in our bathroom. He wasn't at all freaked out, just shouted out advice, including "Maybe you should get an ax? I'll stand back."