Thursday, March 28, 2013

Office furniture, rainbow regurge and a sage 9-year-old

So, My Inside Voices might be hitting a springtime slump. Sorry mom! 

I've cut back on my home improvement Facebooking, but picked up some extra blogging about used office furniture (I know. I'm living the dream) so I'm having trouble finding time to write non-furniture-related material. 

However, if you want to learn about how to dispose of old office furniture or get tips for planning your home office, check out Arnolds Office Furniture (based in Pennsylvania! Hollah at the commonwealth!). 

Moving on. I don't know why, but I feel compelled to share about a really impressive pukecident that happened this afternoon. Poor Jovie finished her dinner (a little cheese, some pear-blueberry-purple Carrot puree, and some peach-banana-kale smoothie*) then promptly regurgitated it. All over our white living room carpet. 

The scope of the spew was so impressive I just stood staring at it for a what seemed like forever as I figured out how I would both comfort Jovie and clean up the mess. I was actually hoping the dog would charge on to scene and offer some assistance, but for once in his life he was not in the way.

I considered taking a photo of it. Something you can thank me for not doing, because you'd be looking at it right now.

The thing is, it wasn't really unattractive. It was kind of like purple and green splatter art. 

And it kind of served as a Rorshach Test for how I was feeling this afternoon. You see giant pile of technicolor vomit, I see proof in favor of my theory that when I'm making dinner, the incidence of dramatic and thorough messes increases and that my life is really just an ever-expanding pile of partially digested food. 

OK, maybe I'm being overdramatic. I think life with an 11-month-old and a 2-year-old who both share an affinity for removing all the books off the shelf, taking all the clothes out of the dresser and dumping all the Mega Blocks onto the floor means that I just need to accept messes in order to preserve some sanity.

And now that I'm re-reading that I'm laughing. Maybe more mothers should defend their messy houses on the basis that they're helping preserve an uncluttered mind. It's all about balance!

Of course, I think, just like desk clutter, that brain clutter is useful. Case in point this video I came across on Facebook.

According to the 1.6 million views this video has, it's pretty popular. So you've probably already seen it. As usual I'm late to trendy things (are people still saying totes? As in that's "totes awesome"? For that matter, is it OK to say awesome?).

Regardless of my perpetual unhipness, this video of a 9-year-old sharing his thoughts about the universe and the meaning of life is timeless and amazing. And I love Robert Krulwich's commentary. (Robert Krulwich is one of the host of RadioLab, an NPR show my totes awesome friend Melissa told me about years ago and one that you should definitely tune into if you aren't already.)

Now I want to hang out with this kid's parents. Because if they can raise a kid who's this thoughtful, inquisitive and humble, then they have plenty to teach me about parenting.

 I wonder what they're thoughts are on cleanliness? 

*I feel a little pretentious sharing about the smoothie. I'm not a health food nut or anything, but with Lily's near outright refusal to eat vegetables I've had to resort to adding them to non-vegetable concoctions. 

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