Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stockpiling experience, salad and sweet smells

Deadlines are knocking at my door this week, so I'll keep this short and sweet. Some things that made me smile:
  • From my best good friend Stephanie (who should probably just create her own blog for all the useful stuff she sends my way): 
"I was listening to NPR TED talks series the other day, and they were interviewing poet Billy Collins. The interviewer asked him how he combats 'writer's block,' and I thought his response was great. He said that he doesn't believe in/like the term because if he wrote all the time, he'd go crazy. So, he refers to the times he's not writing as 'waiting' and suggested that he's building up experiences to write about while he's living life in between. I thought this was a positive way to think about those times when the writing just doesn't seem to flow."
Yes! I'm not waiting. I'm stockpiling! Seriously. I know the excuse that I don't have time to write is the oldest one in the book. But at this juncture, with the girls and the freelancing, I really don't know where to find the time. Well. I guess I could give up blogging. Sigh. Decisions.
  • A local farmer I was interviewing about salad greens was (unintentionally, I think) rather poetic. "A lettuce that’s stressed is more bitter," he said about creating the ideal growing conditions. "Lettuce that has good growing conditions tends to be sweeter and has better flavor." When I pointed out that the same statement could be said about people, he just laughed. Now how to use this analogy ...
  • This week Lily has taken to giving Jovie copious hugs and telling her she's the best. It's wonderful and frightening all at once (especially the neck hugs).
  • And it's hokey, but this:

My baby smells more sweet to me
Than smells in spring the elder tree. 

(except for sometimes, when my baby smells less sweet to me .. I'll let you figure out of which times I speak)

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