Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from my inside voices to yours

I could go really go for some pie right now.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Our favorite squirrels donned their fanciest turkey scarves decorated with cornucopiad mini pumpkins asking that all passersby give thanks.

So, at the pumpkin's request, here's what I'm grateful for today (with as little sarcasm as possible):

1. Lily chasing her cousins around our front yard.
2. Cousin-friends Jovie and Henry:

That's a pretty sweet argyle sweater.
3. Brad's willingness to participate in a pie-eating contest for the entertainment of others.
4. The fact that Snacks kept his Thanksgiving pilfering to a relative minimum - snagging only a couple of rolls and a cookie or two from some unsuspecting toddlers.
5. My mom's stuffing and rolls and pie crust (basically any carb-laden food she brings to the table) and the fact that she and dad were in town this year to share Thanksgiving with us.
6. My niece Penelope running around our house in her a personalized super hero cape.
7. Baking pies and potatoes while gabbing with my sister Sarah
8. Dad taking on turkey-carving duties and providing my cats with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to chew on in the middle of the night.
9. My sister Laura's chocolate mousse pie, which will haunt my dreams tonight.
10. No dishes in the sink and kids in bed by 7:30.

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