Monday, September 24, 2012

Squirrels, free words and silly string

It was exciting to learn that, despite food chain implications, my favorite stone squirrels are Nittany Lion fans.

Today they're both clutching mini footballs and sporting (hehehe) Penn State neck warmers (it has been getting brisk at night).

We Are! Squirrels!
In my last squirrel-related post I asked for name suggestions and one loyal reader (hi mom!) inquired about the gender of the squirrels. As I am not sure that the squirrels are anatomically correct (and even if they were squirrel gender identification is not my area of expertise) I was thinking maybe we could use gender-neutral names. Or maybe one male and one female name. Or maybe names that have no concern with gender -- like Stony and Rocky (although I suppose those are kind of masculine).

In other walk-related news, this amusing sign for free words was posted on the doggy doodoo receptacle I visit often.

This poster kind of made my day.
Check out the awesome fuschia zebra-print duct tape. Also the fact that someone took a word. Leftover words include poncho and tablefork, which begs the question: what was the missing word?

I feel I'm being challenged to incorporate these words into a story. I did not take a word -- maybe I will tomorrow when I go back. I think I'll take tablefork (if it's still available, of course). 

Also, the other day I walked past the crazy kids' yard and it was covered in silly string. I swear -- their house looks like an endless party.

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  1. I'm really thinking coffee table book of squirrel photos might be a best seller!